New Official Website Alive

With the fast development of TopChiller company, we have worked out some new products and installed more projects.

It’s necessary to have a new website to show our latest product and service to all customers.

After almost 10 months of hard work from the sales department, engineering department, and production department, The new official website of TopChiller comes to alive today.

What is New from this website?

The design and content of the old website are out of date. The old website can’t provide our customers and website visitors more useful and technical information.

You will get more helpful information from our new website from the below sections:

More content and new product

With these 5 years, TopChiller R&D department has worked out some new products, we also serve new chiller projects throughout the world.

Our new official website will show you more information below:

  • The latest refrigeration technology
  • The newly developed chiller product
  • Some typical chiller project we installed
  • Chiller related exhibitions we will attend
  • Updated regular chiller models
  • New chiller manufacturing technology and workmanship
  • Get news and press information from TopChiller

The above items are the goal of why we make the new official website.

We just hope our new website can bring you a more satisfying experience when you visit our website. Please contact TopChiller if you have any comments on this new website.



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