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  • Heating capacity up to 298KW
  • Heating temperature to 350℃
  • Good quality stainless steel heater
  • For both water and oil heating usage
  • Micro-computer temperature controller
  • Smart temperature controlling system
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Full protection devices of whole MTC unit

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Mold temperature controller, also abbreviated as TCU is one kind of mold heating machine.

It was originally used in the temperature control of the injection mold. Later, with the development and application of the mechanical industry, the mold temperature controller is generally divided into a water temperature controller and an oil temperature controller, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ± 0.1 ℃.

TopChiller is a professional mold temperature controller manufacturer and supplier in China for over 20 years of experience.

The working principle of the mold temperature controller as below:

The mold temperature machine is composed of a water tank, heating and cooling system, power transmission system, liquid level control system, temperature sensor, injection port, and other devices.

In general, the pump in the power transmission system allows the hot fluid to reach the mold from the water tank equipped with the built-in heater and cooler, and then from the mold back to the water tank.

High-quality mold temperature controller made by TopChiller features some outstanding advantages:

1. PID Temperature controller

With touch mode storage, automatic calculation, accuracy, and reliability, it can be controlled within ± 2 ℃, saving more than 35% power;

2. Two sets of electric heating pipes inside the mold temperature controller can be used separately or jointly;

3. The heating and cooling time is fast and the temperature is stable.

4. The electric heater of the mold temperature controller is made of stainless steel material.

5. Our mold temperature controller has perfect safety protection and fault indication system.
Mold temperature controllers are widely used in modern industries including:

The mold temperature controller is widely used in the plastic industry, and its main functions are as follows:

1. Improve the forming efficiency of products;

2. Reduce the production of defective products;

3. Improve the appearance of products and restrain the defects of products;

4. Accelerate production progress, reduce energy consumption, and save energy.

The application of mold temperature controller in die casting industry also has a lot of space, especially in the manufacturing of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy, the uneven or improper die temperature will lead to the instability of the casting size, the casting deformation during the production process, resulting in defects such as hot pressure, mold sticking, surface depression, internal shrinkage cavity, and hot bubble.

It also affects the production cycle, such as filling time, cooling time, and spraying time.

In the modern factory, it is urgent to save manpower, improve quality, and reduce costs in response to the market competition.

The use of a mold temperature controller can reduce the preheating time of mold, improve the surface quality of finished products, and fully automated production.

It is necessary to increase the life of the mold to improve productivity.

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Mold Temperature Controller Technical Specifications
Item                                                ModelTP-6MTTP-9MTTP-12MTTP-9MTTP-12MTTP-24MTTP-9MTTP-12MTTP-24MT
Heat transferWater / Oil
Heat PowerKW69129122491224
Flow RateL/min35602009515323595153235
ProtectionPhase wrong, missing / water oil lacking / over and low pressure / overload
Note :
Water pressure should be bigger than 2kg/㎡;  while water type mold temperature controller connectedto the tap water.

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