TopChiller is Your High Quality Air Cooled Chiller&Water Cooled Chiller Manufacturer in China

If it’s your first time using a chiller or dealing with a TopChiller company, you must feel unclear or doubtful.

This page will help you learn more about chillers and TopChiller products.

Are you interacting with chillers or TopChiller Company for the first time? Then you must be uncertain about some queries.

So, here you will find this page obliging more knowledge about TopChiller Products.

You may hold some ambiguities regarding the chiller or chiller system when looking to ally with a chiller system or supplier.

TopChiller, being a promising chiller manufacturer, craves up to accompany all customers with more knowledge.

We hope you find this FAQ’s evident to answer your queries about the chiller, jotted down below.

About TopChiller Company

I have never heard of TopChiller brand before. Are you new brand in the market?

TopChiller was established in 1999, a renowned chiller brand in China’s domestic market. Since that, we are providentially supplying a series of chillers for industrial and commercial cooling applications, including air-cooled and water-cooled chillers.

We also commenced our trustworthy international marketing in 2003. So, please don’t get in a flap of our chiller’s quality.

Where TopChiller factory located?

TopChiller’s headquarter is cantered in Hong Kong, with an office along with small-scale factories for manufacturing small chillers in Shenzhen, South China, and model chiller/air conditioning product design and fabrication with enormous capacitances in Dezhou City North China, respectively.

Whats the advantages of TopChiller over other chiller brands?

TopChiller has the prominent advantages of rich experience, best price, reputable quality, high efficiency, fast delivery, and brisk feedback with comprehensive technical support.
It is coping with edging its expertise as a chiller manufacturer and supplier for over 20 years.

Can I buy TopChiller product from my local partner?

Yes, why not!
If you own any chiller inquest, you can approach our local associate on the go! TopChiller has scattered its branches in the USA, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Chile.
Being supportive to our customers, we recommend purchasing a chiller first-hand from the TopChiller factory to bring off your cost and lead time.

Can TopChiller provide OEM and ODM service?

Yes, TopChiller provides chiller OEM and ODM services.
According to your requirements, we can layout chiller manufacturing following your consigned company name, logo, and design with an explicitly detailed request.

How can be TopChiller agent or distributor in my country?

Thank you for your engrossment! TopChiller has regional agents and distributors in some countries. Please drop in your company profile with appropriate information through email.

We would be wishful to check and contact you in future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I install my chiller?

The chiller can be installed both indoors and outdoors areas on a concrete pad if fulfilling a few conditions as follows:

Outdoor installation on the rooftop of your building requires its capability to endure the weight of an operating chiller.

An indoor facility is feasible for installation where there is good ventilation, especially in the case of an air-cooled chiller

How to size a correct chiller for my application?

Want to size the perfect chiller for your application? Here you go!

From your queries to assisting you in choosing the perfect size chiller of your demand, our support team remains in access all the time.

Remember, various parameters are linked with sizing your chiller, like your application, water flow rate, water temperature inlet/outlet, and ambient temperature.

How to make a choice between air cooled chiller and water cooled chiller?

Making it plainer, if you desire to get a cooling tower, then you should make your way for a water-cooled chiller. Otherwise, the air-cooled chiller is the right choice for you.

The condenser is the core difference between the air-cooled chiller and the water-cooled chiller. However, please get in touch with TopChiller’s experts for choosing the best-suited chiller according to your application.

What’s the difference between industrial chiller and commercial chiller?

The significant difference between the industrial chiller and commercial chiller is their application.

An industrial chiller is employed for cooling processes or industrial applications. In contrast, the commercial chiller is used for commensurate air conditioning and space cooling.

What kind of coolant/liquid for my chiller?

In general, the water is used as a circulating liquid in most chillers, but it varies with specific chiller types.

As in the case of glycol chiller, glycol mixture is used, some industrial chiller requires purified water, and lubrication or hydraulic oils are used for oil chiller.

Which chiller or chiller system will work best for my facility?

Yet ambiguous about the size and type of chiller system for your facility? Don’t worry!

Just contact our sales engineer. They will facilitate you with the correct choice of the chiller by assisting you with design, site selection, installation, replacement, and the chiller’s maintenance to accommodate your demands.

How many refrigeration parts inside a chiller?

Chiller comes with four parts broadly compressor, condenser, evaporator, and expansion valve as its main compartments. Whereas, power panel, control system, and water tanks remain the must-have of a chiller.

Chiller Quote and Price Terms

How can I get a quote of your chiller?

Were you looking for a quote for your chiller? There you get it!

Drop your chiller essentials at:, or you can call or contact us through WhatsApp: +86-186-2034 0004.

You will get a response to your mail within 4 hours, whereas WhatsApp is an abrupt responding source. Our salesperson will quote you the price once you have conveyed your requirements.

What is the lead time for made-to-order and stock availability?

It varies with the sort of order placed!

We have stocks for standard chiller models, air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller under 380V, 3Phase and 50H ranges from 0.5 to 50 tons, delivered within 3 working days.

But in the case of a customized chiller according to your consigned power supply, dimensions, refrigerant, and substantial capacity, delivery time is between 4 weeks to 30 days.

Can TopChiller assist with pricing and selecting a suitable chiller?

Yes, absolutely!

Once our personnel acknowledges your entails about chiller after communicating with you, we can accommodate you with tender documentation and a quote of the chiller of your demand.

How are customized chillers priced?

The price of a customized chiller is based on your requirements. But no needs to worry because the quoted price for a personalized chiller is also level-headed and cost-based.

Would you like to leave us your consigned details of chiller requests for quotes and descriptions?

What is the minimum number of chillers I can order?

Reserve your order from even 1 chiller, but behold, grab the chance to avail yourself of discounts! You can relish the best discount offers for keeping a large number of chillers in one purchasing order at once.

What kind of price terms you can accept?

You can choose any of the price terms available at TopChiller according to your suitability: EXW, C&F, CIF, FOB, and door-to-door pricing.

What’s your shipping method?

Sea shipment and air shipment both are facilitated to customers according to their incentives. But keep in mind air freightage cost is higher than sea shipment.

Most of the shipments are carried by sea shipment but hang in the urgency of the customer, air shipments are arranged.

Is the shipping freight cost included?

Yes included!  In both stock chiller and customized chiller, once we approve C&F and CIF pricing terms, all shipping freight costs are added.

Where are the chiller shipping from?

We are at hand for shipping chiller from any seaport of China in any shipping term, because our chillers are manufactured and stocked in factories

Beside TopChiller product, I have other cargo in China, Can you arrange shipment together?

Not a bit to worry about it! We are here to save your cost and time.

We are adept at managing cargo from different suppliers.

Just let us know the contact details of your concerned supplier. We will arrange your cargo shipment after catching up with them.

It’s done! You will receive all items at once.

My company has no import license, How can I get your chiller?

Cheer up! Take it easy.
As TopChiller is engaged for years in deep-rooted business associations with the Top logistic companies, don’t dwell on this issue. You have to furnish us with your address.
By employing door-to-door service for you, we will lay out your local customs clearance and pay duty.

What’s the terms of payment you accept?

T/T, L/C, and Western Union terms of payments are welcomed with the flexibility of acceptance.

What’s the packaged of your chiller?

Strong, Secured, and Fumigation-free packaged!

We use Plywood boxes for the packaging of our chillers and all obligatory spare parts.

What’s the warranty time for your chillers?

24 months warranty time!

Our all products are accompanied by two years of warranty.

About TopChiller Product

How many chiller products you have?

You must find a perfect match for your application here! The fundamental division of our chiller falls in, air-cooled chiller, water-cooled chiller, oil-chiller, scroll chiller, screw-chiller, glycol chiller, industrial chiller, portable chiller, and what not! TopChiller has a large number of chillers.

We are inclined to supply chillers depending upon their applications, even more than 36 industrial applications along with laser chiller, MRI chiller, plastic chiller, semiconductor chiller, and other industrial applications.

What is the chiller cooling capacity range of the TopChiller offering?

We hand out a vast array of chillers with a cooling capacity range from5 ton to 200ton along with convertible temperatures for our chiller from -35℃ to +35℃.

What type of compressor is used for TopChiller product?

We lodge a hermetic scroll compressor for the chiller with a cooling capacity ranging from 0.5 tons to 100 tons. Whereas, for above 100-ton cooling capacity, a semi-hermetic screw type compressor is used.

What’s the compressor brand using?

TopChiller has entrenched long-term business relations with prestigious in-world compressor brands.
So, we use Danfoss, Copeland, Sanyo, Panasonic for the scroll compressor and Hanbell, Fusheng, and Bitzer for the screw compressor.

What kind refrigerant is used for your chiller?

TopChiller, being superintended supplier, excluding R22, uses eco-friendly refrigerants with zero ozone-depleting potential, namely R410a, R407c, and R134a, for your way out.

How many refrigerant circuits utilized in your chiller?

We own single, dual, and triple refrigerant circuits for you!
Refrigerant circuits are set in place depending upon the chiller cooling capacity, urged by your requirement.

What type of evaporator is utilized in your chiller?

We possess 3 sorts of evaporator-stainless steel tank coils: A brazed plate evaporator, a falling film shell evaporator, and a tube evaporator.

What type of condenser is used for your chiller?

In the fabrication of a water-cooled chiller, water-cooled shell and tube-type condensers are employed.

Whereas, in an air-cooled chiller, a copper tube and fin style aluminum condenser is used.

What is the maximum ambient temperature your chiller can operate?

The maximum endurance range of ambient temperature is 65℃.

We charge R134a refrigerant in chillers working in high ambient temperature for proper ramification unescorted by high-pressured alarms.

Are corrosion resistant coatings available for the chiller evaporator and condenser?

Indeed, cantered on the crucial environment and recirculating coolant in some industrial setup, we can assist you by making a corrosion-resistant evaporator and condenser.

Can tank and pump packaged chiller be provided?

Yes, by all means, we can provide single and dual pumps, an external water tank, a buffer tank, and a cooling tower.

There is an in-built water tank and water pump as well for a standard chiller.

Your chiller can be installed outdoor?

Absolutely! Without any reluctance, you can install a chiller outdoor. Because TopChiller supplies water-proofed chillers in compliance with IP 55.

Do you chiller need specialist to operate and maintenance?

Not at all! You can be specialists too, sounds great?

You will get a printed manual for chiller installation and operation that will work for you.

What should I do if your chiller gives alarm?

Chiller alarmed or any error? Don’t panic! Go ahead and turn out the electricity supply and switch off the chiller.

We recommend you go behind the operating manual’s troubleshooting. If this issue persists, you can get in touch with our service engineers to sort it out.

Difficult Chiller Problems, You Can Turn to TopChiller Experts for Help

Yet interrogative about chiller products or TopChiller company? Or are you perplexed in choosing a chiller for your application?

You are always warmly welcomed to contact us!

Feel free to drop in your puzzlement and uncertainties at, and your concerns will be responded to with will cooperation within 4 working hours.

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