Your Professional Chiller&Chiller Unit&Chiller System Manufacturer&Supplier in China
TopChiller is designing and supplying 1 ton to 500 ton air chiller, water chiller,scroll chiller,screw chiller for your applications

TopChiller can design and manufacture all types of chillers for you

  • Cooling capacity ranges 1 ton -500 ton
  • Temperature control ranges 34°F-45°F
  • Worldwide brand high-quality compressor
  • Stainless steel pump and refrigerant tank
  • Brazed copper piping & hot gas bypass
  • Job-specific evaporator for diverse application
  • Dual circuit efficient condenser & PLC controller
  • Compact design with mounting pads or asters

Your Premier Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier in China Over 20 Years

A Chiller is a cooling device that is constructed to regulate the temperature of machines, industrial processes, and product stability by use of chilled water/air/oil or glycol circulation based on refrigeration and compression system.

TopChiller is an exemplary company of China that is manufacturing steady, environment-friendly, efficient Chiller and proficiently supplying around the world since 1999.

With twenty years of innovative experience and research, TopChiller is enabled to customize the contemporary requirements of our customers by manufacturing a wide range of different Chiller models for different applications.

TopChiller brand Chiller is constructed with a variety of components for durable working as an evaporator, single or dual compressor, brazed plate heat exchanger, protecting devices, temperature controller, control panels, expansion valves, water tank, and power supply.

Chiller designed by TopChiller has a variety of features and benefits as given below.

  • TopChiller brand Chiller is highly stable and straightforward in its performance configured by the simple design tubes, coils, and tank installation preventing the accumulation of scales and dust particles with cleaning.
  • The energy-efficient Chiller prevents the accumulation of heat produced during industrial processing featured by the installation of reservoir and refrigerant pump releasing heat by chilled refrigerant circulation.
  • TopChiller engineered Chiller is installed with different cooling refrigerants depending on nature of application temperature requirements configuring cooling by compression and refrigeration phase-change process (from chilled liquid to gas and gas to liquid).
  • Dual condensers are installed inside the Chiller providing versatility for choosing the unit according to ambient temperature as the air-cooled condenser releases heat by chilled air and the water-cooled condenser uses water for chilling purpose.
  • TopChiller designed Chiller has stainless steel compact design that prevents the unit from corrosion and ensures easy outdoor installation.

TopChiller engineered Chiller is highly versatile and used for a variety of industrial applications as given below:

Fermentation industry, food, and beverage industry, plastic processing, laser industry, welding, injection molding, dye casting, explosion industry, chemicals processing, drugs manufacturing, medical industry, and plating, etc.

If you are desiring to have Chiller for your application with distinctive features, superb reliability, and long service life?

If you are in a quest to select the most famous and trustworthy company manufacturing energy-efficient Chiller for the establishment of your business by getting creative ideas and incisive guide?

You are directed to an exact destination. TopChiller is the most experienced and collaborative company in China. Go for a call or arrange a meeting with TopChiller experts and professional engineers to get a buying guide and assistance for your application.

Our experts will help our clients to customize a Chiller according to your requirements with quality assurance at handsome charges.

Why TopChiller is Your Reliable Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier In China?

Why TopChiller is Your Reliable Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier In China?
Over 20 years rich experience of chiller manufacturing offering a complete of chiller designs and models to meet your chiller requirements.
Full Solutions Provider
Our services including: chiller requirement communication, analysis, designing, manufacturing, chiller quality controlling, delivery,We keep advising not just chillermanufacturing
Reduce Your Costs
With rich experience of all kinds of chillers for your industrial applications can help to work out the correct chiller suitable for your needs,our high quality chillers will save your costs.
Top Quality Chiller
We always take good care of your chiller order from design,raw material purchasing,manufacturing,testing and delivery to make sure all chiller making processes are under control.
Global Chiller Shipment
No matter which country you are from, just tell us your nearest seaport or airport name, we can arrange your chillers order at fastest shipping method even can do door to door delivery.
No Worriy Service
World business trip/chiller related exhibitions&fairs 2-3 times yearly can settle face to face meeting, 24*7*365 online chiller service with fast feedback.
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